Like Having a Science Expert in the Classroom

A teaching process that includes technology has been shown to improve students' interest and understanding of foundational concepts.

Teachers benefit by feeling confident teaching Science content. Students love it because the lesson is engaging and interactive.
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Edward Calvillo
G5, CA
Joanna Bates
Goose Creek Elementary G4
Kay Kennard
Principal, Westwood Elementary School
Anisia Callis
Rayford IS, G5-6
Imagine this scenario in every classroom at your school.

A geologist just walked into your class. She is an expert in her field and begins by activating the students' prior knowledge, providing vivid background information, and great visuals. You ask her to pause.

You then ask questions that require your students to reflect and formulate deeper ones. The energy builds. Curiosities are stirred as the topic is explored. You have sparked a great conversation. Everyone is engaged during the hands-on demonstration.

You signal to your guest speaker to continue. You feel good about having just created a lively conversation where the diversity of each child's talents and abilities were tapped, a place where students felt engaged and, with your help, achieved a deeper understanding.

What if your classroom environment was like this every day? A science expert who comes in every day? We say, why not?

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