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Edusmart Math is divided into clusters, each cluster containing Career Videos, Instruction Modules, Print Materials, Manipulatives, Interactivities, Problem Solving, and Quizzes. Each component is designed to support instruction and maximize student learning.
Sample Lesson
Adding Integers Using Counters:
In this Instruction Module, students will learn to add integers using counters.
This item guides students through the processes of solving real-world and mathematical problems. Students will add and multiply positive and negative integers to solve a problem.
Airplane Gauges:
In this interactivity, students will apply their understanding of operations with integers. Students will use integer addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to find changes in altitude and rates of ascent or descent of an airplane.
Stunt Pilot:
A stunt pilot discusses the use of math in his profession.
Rational Numbers :
This quiz tests students' ability to add, subtract, multiply, and divide rational numbers.
Lesson Notes - Adding Integers Using Counters:
The Lesson Notes is used with the Instruction Module to focus students' attention on essential information. When complete, this can be used as a study guide by students.
Independent Practice - Adding Integers Using Counters:
The Independent Practice can be used as a self-evaluation tool by students (and as an assessment instrument by teachers) to assess how well students have mastered the information and concepts presented in the Instruction Module or lesson.
Number line:
This manipulative includes an integer number line, a fractions number line, and a decimal number line. Students can drag numbers and operators, and use the number lines to compare, order, graph, add, subtract, multiply, and divide integers, fractions, and decimals.
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