About Us

Edusmart, developer of the Edusmart Science and Edusmart Math programs, is based in Austin, Texas. We provide standards-based digital teaching tools for the classroom that have been developed with a focus on the needs of the 21st century teacher. Edusmart programs' research-based design and flexible format adapts easily to support all types of instructional models including direct instruction, cooperative learning, and inquiry based instruction. 

Though Edusmart is a technology-driven company, we believe that the classroom remains a central place for learning and that the teacher continues to be the single most influential person in determining the educational success of the student. Our cutting edge technology-based solutions reflect this belief and have been developed in deep collaboration with teachers to ensure our solution's value in an instructor-led environment. 

We believe in:
  • providing teaching solutions that are customized to the unique demands of individual state standards;
  • leveraging technology to engage students in the classroom;
  • making technology easy to use so teachers require minimal training;
  • enhancing classroom experience for both students and teachers without disrupting current classroom practices; and
  • providing a cost effective solution that schools can afford.
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