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Sarah Izquierdo, Science Teacher, G2-5, Houston, TX
Ashley Monteil, G4, Houston, TX
Carie Lawrence, Science Teacher, G5, Midland ISD, TX
Anisia Callis, Rayford IS, G5-G6
Dr. Rios, Principal,(At TABE '11)
Roman Roveles, Science Lab, G3-5(At TABE '11)
Yvonne Roberts, Stovall MS, G8
Angel Rivera, Assistant Principal, R Scheider MS
Desiree Medina, R Scheider MS, G5
Adriana Briones, Jessup Elementary, G4
Joanna Bates, Goose Creek Elementary, G4
Darlene Jones,
Wainwright ES, G4
Reynaldo "Ray" Calderon,
Wainwright ES, G5
Mildred Crawford, San Jacinto Elementary, G4
Goose Creek Elementary, G3
The program is GREAT! The kids like the interaction it provides. It's concise and to the point. That is a key feature because other online programs I use have a ton of "fillers" added which translates to unused information. The quizzes are very handy. They provided a quick check of the material just learned. I would give Edusmart an "A+".
- C Franklin, Fort Bend ISD
Edusmart Science is a teacher's dream come true. This virtual resource tool can be used anytime and is excellent for enhancing teaching, re-teaching, reviewing, and assessing student's knowledge. It makes abstract and difficult concepts easy, more real, and comprehensible for the kids. Unlike other tools, Edusmart offers the most vivid graphics and animations.
- Elementary Science Specialist, Aldine ISD
I used Edusmart Science to open my Science Tutorials. The videos help my ESL students build background. We view a page, discuss it, and then often re-open the same page until the students understand concept.
- Elizabeth Rochard, Grade 5, Northpointe Intermediate
I really like Edusmart Science. As a first year teacher, I sometimes have trouble getting the message across to the students since I fumble with my words. Edusmart Science really makes up for my shortcomings.
- Sabrina Medel, Grade 5, Parker Intermediate School
My students were captivated by the module on the Sun, the Planets, and the Moon. It allowed my students to "visit" the Solar System and become more familiar with the orbits, phases, and other patterns in space. They now fully grasp these concepts that were earlier mysterious and vague.
- Sharla Northcutt, Grade 5, La Porte Elementary
I have had teacher after teacher stop by my office and say how great Edusmart Science is!
- Phyllis Donatto, Ed.D. Campus Improvement Specialist, Fort Bend ISD
As a Language Arts teacher, I confer with our Science teacher and plan vocabulary lessons to correlate them with the Science curriculum. I use Edusmart Science in:

Small group setting: A rotation of academic "centers" consisting of two to three students. Each team has 15 minutes to view the vocabulary and do the assessment, before moving on to the next center.

Journal writing: As a whole class, we watch and discuss a mini-lesson. The students then do the assessment in their daily journals and the answers are discussed in class.
- Julie Roushani, Grade 5, Language Arts, Wainwright Elementary
We had 87 percent passing overall and 55 percent commended performance this year, and I know that Edusmart Science really helped us. In fact, we used it during our reviews. I conducted classes in the lab the week before the test. I asked the kids to go through the modules and select the ones they wanted to review. Several teachers passed by the lab that day to ask me what the kids were working on. They all commented that they had never seen the kids so engaged in the lab. The kids really like the program, and it holds their attention.
- Ruth Woodall, Grade 5, GCCISD
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